Understanding the Google Search Console

18May, 2019

Google Search Console – Why it Matters

Top SEO agency Kenya demystifying google search console

Any top SEO agency Kenya will tell you that the Google Search Console is a very crucial and valuable tool in SEO and digital marketing at large. It’s one of those tools you can’t do without especially if you wish your website to rank on Google. Once you are through with your website, you need to submit it for indexing through Google search console. These are webmaster tools alongside a host of other free and paid tools. Google search console is a free tool. Once, you submit your website for indexing you need to authenticate the process using one of the methods indicated within the search console.

So that you know, you need to have access to the backend or cpanel of your website in order to fully submit the website. The website is termed as property in both Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Once the site is submitted you get to access a lot of valuable information regarding your website include, the queries that lead to your site, the number of clicks your site is getting every day, your site current position, the number of impressions, and so on.

Search Analytics within Google search console

All data mentioned above can be easily accessed through the search analytics function with the search console. These include the number of clicks, the ranking position, number of impressions, No of pages visited, query pulling out your key phrases etc. As a tool for SEO agency Kenya, the search analytics is used to get a clear picture of where the SEO is headed. This means boosting some of the key phrases that are not performing well. Also, it could mean dropping some more competitive keywords for better performing ones.

In the search console you will get the number of internal links and external links. Links are a crucial part of Google’s algorithm. Therefore, they’d had to have a section highlighting some of these links. In addition, there is a section that has any errors that occurred while crawling your website. These errors are accompanied by a section that helps you correct these errors for better ranking on your website.

The bottom line is that the Google search console is an interesting tool that will help any top SEO agency Kenya or any webmaster deliver on their promises on taking the website to the first page of Google.