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What is Organic SEO ?

Organic SEO is the process that is used to enable any given website to feature in the natural results in search engines. You cannot buy these positions and although PPC is a method of obtaining a listing, research suggests that only 30% of users click on the pay per click listings. Organic listings hold more weight and are a much more accurate representation of the relevancy and quality of your site.
Organic search positions essentially hinge on the quality of the information in a website and of the search engines interpretation of that information. Leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and BING have their own set of regulations known as search engine compliance, which they use to determine a site’s relevancy based on the information it finds therein.

Websites can be optimized with organic SEO tactics that ensure your site conforms to all the necessary criteria, thus helping it to gain a better organic search position and improve it to a competitive standard that puts it in the top 5% bracket that conform to compliance regulations. SEO CONSULTING LONDON is adept at bringing your site into line with the top search engines terms and conditions and webmaster guidelines.

Organic SEO facts

It has always been recognized that organic search listings or general search listings are the ones most used by search engine browsers to the extent that research shows in excess of 70% of search engine users prefer these listings to the 30% of browsers that utilize sponsored listings or PPC.
Most corporate search engine optimization companies now avoid organic SEO and have moved ever further towards paid search (PPC). Although SEO CONSULTING LONDON is an expert in paid inclusion campaigns, set up and management, organic listings are always preferable. Ethical search engine optimization and compliance technology is the only way to gain these listings.
If your website adheres to the strict search engine guidelines with informative, well written content, organic listings will serve you well. It will also save you money on the PPC method which is specifically aimed at your budget and skill in setting the campaign.

To test the theory for yourself, visit Google and check out your listings for your main products and services. If you have a good rating by chance, it will be difficult to maintain. SEO CONSULTING LONDON can analyze your company’s website to ensure you are compliant and maximized.

Optimization of web site code accomplishes two primary goals. First, it makes your site relevant to your desired search engine queries. Secondly, it makes your site friendly to search engines, by which we mean that search engines are able to easily crawl or index all of the pages and content of your site.

One of the many search engine myths is that any competent web site designer knows how to properly optimize a web site for the search engines. This is like saying that the framer of a house is qualified to be the architect. It simply is not true. Web site design and search engine optimization are two entirely different things. It would be a mistake to assume that your webmaster has the ability to properly optimize your site code for the search engines.

Many webmasters believe they do know about search engine optimization, and will tell you that they are qualified to perform this service. They may truly believe this and be making such statements with the best of intentions. However, code optimization is so much more than meta tags these days.

We understand that proper code optimization deals with metadata, titles, descriptive file naming, H1 tags, alt attributes, w3c compliance, navigation issues (especially when using drop downs or image swap on mouseover behavior), javascript and flash workarounds, and much more. We take care of all of this for you.

Ecommerce software is notorious for being wrought with peril. The use of dynamic url’s, session id’s, generic head tags, and much more makes many ecommerce systems difficult or impossible to properly index and rank.

After preliminary key phrase research and competitive intelligence, the next step in any search engine optimization effort is to modify the code. This process will begin almost immediately upon commencement of any project.