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How to Get your Small and Medium-Sized Wholesale Business Found In Google

Your customers are looking for you, but who are they finding Instead?

Your customers are looking for you, but who are they finding Instead?

Today, we’re talking about the process of choosing your keywords for the search engine optimization of your website.

SEO has gone through a lot of transformations in the last decade and in the beginning stages it was relatively easy to over-optimize the site, focus on keywords and rank your site high in search results.

This might have been easy and convenient for business owners but over-optimization was detrimental to the overall visitor experience.

Nowadays, things have changed. Google has become a lot smarter and it’s not as easy to rank high and it’s definitely not possible to do so by over-optimizing your website.

But regardless of the different changes that SEO has gone through, SEO is still about keywords. There’s a lot of focus currently under creation of quality content because this leads to an improvement of the visitor journey on the site and obviously of the visitor statistics like pages per visit, average visit duration, bounce rate and so on.

Quality content also means shareable content.

The principle behind this concept is that if visitors find content interesting, they will share it. So quality helpful content is beneficial to all parties concerned; the visitor because he or she finds quality information; the site owner because the site traffic volume and quality will improve; and the search engines because they can present visitors with results that make sense and answer user queries.

But keywords still play a major role because you want to create content around key phrases and Topics that are searched for by your Ideal Customer and that you can rank for. So you want keywords that are relevant for your site and that can produce high traffic volumes.

Finally, you want keywords that have a low to medium competition level especially for a new site. Why is that? Because your new website cannot compete with well-established sites from day one. This takes time. Again, one of the main principles of SEO is that it is not a quick process that can be done overnight and it should be consistent. Optimising your website never stops and everything starts with a keyword research.